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Former literary agent Mark Malatesta
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Dear Author,


Photo of Mark Malatesta - Author CoachingDid you know you can have me review any/all of the following: first 50 pages of your book or book idea, query letter, synopsis, book proposal, website and/or social media presence? I’ll take notes and provide you with my proprietary Author Questionnaire as well, to help you prepare for our time together. Then we’ll get on the phone (or Skype) for a full hour so I can tell you the best ways to write, publish, and/or market your book. I’ll answer all your questions. And I’ll record the call for you (most people listen 2-3 times, that’s how helpful these calls can be).

As an added bonus, you’ll get a recording of a special interview with FOX TV news anchor and suspense novelist Jim Brown (24/7 and Black Valley, Random House), talking about How to Get Featured on the News. That’s more than $1,200 worth of Bestselling Author Coach™ training… for just $297 (with a 100% money back guarantee). But you have to sign up now. These coaching sessions are first-come, first-served.

This offer not available for existing clients.

* * *

What Do You Want/Need Help With?


* Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: Figure out which one is best for you.

* Book Concept/Title/Genre: Which one of your books has the greatest potential 
(or, how can you make your existing book more marketable)? What’s the best title for your book? Or, what genre(s) does it fit into?

* Literary Agent Research & Submissions: What’s the easiest/fastest way to find the best literary agents for you and your work? And what’s the best strategy to use when approaching them?

* Query Letter/Synopsis/Proposal: Create an irresistible query letter that gets literary agents asking to read your material and offer representation. Write a book synopsis that’s just as good as your book. Create a book proposal that gets the attention of top literary agents and generates a big advance.

* First 50 Pages: Tighten up that all-important first 50 pages of your manuscript and avoid the common mistakes that lead to rejection.

* Author Platform: Discover simple strategies to quickly improve your credibility and influence.

* Myths & Misconceptions: Every author falls for some of them. Identify misinformation and false beliefs that are sabotaging your success and preventing you from reaching your goals.

* Should You Try to Get Published?: On a scale of 1 to 10 I’ll tell you what I think, give you concrete reasons why, and recommend next steps.

* In a Sticky Situation: I’ll show you the easiest way to fix it (i.e. bad agent, bad publisher, bad contract, etc.)

* Turn Your Book into a Business: Discover how to leverage your expertise into other streams of income—not just books.

* * *

Photo of Dagmar Gatell“I never had so many realizations and learned so many concepts as I did during my 1-hour Bestselling Author Coaching
meeting. The value I got is so worth the money. I can’t believe I didn’t schedule my appointment earlier, instead of wasting money on other coaches and do-it-yourself learning programs. Thank you so much, you are awesome!”

Dagmar Gatell
Orlando, FL USA

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* * *

Who should participate?


Bestselling Author Coaching™ appointments with Former Literary Agent Mark Malatesta are for authors who want help to write, publish, or market their books:

* Authors of all genres (fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books)

* Authors at all stages of development and success (everyone from beginners to previously published authors who have a dozen books in print with major publishers)

* Authors who are frustrated because they haven’t gotten the results they want from agents and publishers

* Authors who haven’t started marketing their work yet, who want to give themselves the greatest competitive advantage

* * *

Photo of Roger Murray“I used my Bestselling Author Coaching
 time to improve my query letter. Trying to get an agent without a great query letter is like trying to get into a bar in a dry county on a Sunday. I’ve always been aware of the need for a hook, but Mark helped me create a hook in every paragraph. I really had to rearrange my language… now every paragraph is a story in and of itself. You can write for you own amusement… but the real test is making your writing enjoyable for other people [and getting it in front of them]. If that’s your goal, schedule a Bestselling Author Coaching session.”

Roger Murray
Longmont, CO

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* * *

Other Important Information


Mark Malatesta Author CoachingAs soon as you RSVP for your Bestselling Author Coaching™ session (using the button below), you’ll get a questionnaire from me with important questions about you and your book(s). The more I know about you and your work before we get on the phone, the more I’ll be able to help you as your Bestselling Author Coach™. Plus, you’ll be able to use that same information to market your book. Finally, make sure you reserve your space NOW… because I schedule Bestselling Author Coaching™ appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.

* * *

lakshmi-raj-sharma“Dear Mark, I am happy to tell you that I now have an agent. I shall always remain grateful for all the help you gave me. You are always so very helpful to authors who are struggling to get representation. You taught me how to write the best query and you helped me to see light on the other side of the tunnel when I was not in an enviable situation. Your greatest help was that you put in perspective my course of action towards getting an agent. You also told me which were the best and most reliable guides to agents. And I must not forget that you have continued to help me develop confidence in myself. All best.”

Lakshmi Raj Sharma
Allahabad, India
The Tailor’s Needle (Penguin)

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* * *

Why Am I Doing This?


* I know what it’s like. If you don’t know my story yet, I’m actually a writer who went undercover as a literary agent to learn how to get my own books published. I would have done anything to have a Bestselling Author Coaching™ appointment with someone experienced when I was getting started. If you feel the same way, I’d love to share my secrets with you.

* One insider secret can make all the difference. We all need help to see things that we can’t see alone (or implement strategies the right way). That’s the beauty of working with me as your Bestselling Author Coach™. No more painful guessing, loneliness, and costly mistakes. I’ll tell you exactly what you should do next during your time with me.

* This is a great low-cost, no-risk way for you to work with me. Plus (if you’re thinking about signing up for one of my longer-term Bestselling Author Coaching™ programs) this is a great way for you to get to know me better, before making that bigger commitment.

* Some authors can’t afford (at least not yet) my other Bestselling Author Coaching™ programs. I know that because some of you have told me! But you still want me as your coach. This is the solution for you.

* It’s my way of giving back. This type of Bestselling Author Coaching™ session isn’t a big money-making strategy in and of itself. But I’m able to do it because a lot of the people who take advantage of this offer, end up joining one of my bigger Bestselling Author Coaching™ programs.

* * *

dr-brad-semp“Hiring Mark as my Bestselling Author Coach has been an awesome experience. Mark has been an absolute godsend for me… some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Mark personally helped me review my plans, my business background, my goals and aspirations, recommended book titles, and helped me put together the concept for my book series. Now we’re working on writing the query letter and proposal. I’m super excited.”

Brad Semp
The World’s Only Busyness Doctor

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Risk Free Acceptance Form

Yes! I Want Instant Access Now!

I understand that I’ll receive:

* Mark’s detailed Author Questionnaire ($197 value)

* Personal review by Mark Malatesta of my completed Author Questionnaire as well as any/all of the following that I have available:  first 50 pages of your book, query letter, synopsis, book proposal, website, and social media presence ($497 value)

* A 1-hour Bestselling Author Coaching™ session with former NY Times bestselling literary agent and Bestselling Author Coach™ Mark Malatesta ($497 value)

* A recording of my call so I can listen to it again later ($27 value)

* A bonus mp3 titled How to Get Featured on the News with FOX TV news anchor and suspense novelist Jim Brown, author of 24/7 and Black Valley, Random House ($27 value)

That’s more than $1,200 worth of training and coaching with former literary agent Mark Malatesta… for just $297

IMPORTANT: As soon as I register, I’ll get instant access to the bonus mp3 and the detailed Author Questionnaire to help me prepare for my Bestselling Author Coaching session (so I can get more value out of my call). Once I submit the completed questionnaire, I’ll receive a link to a private online calendar where I’ll be able to choose a day/time for my Bestselling Author Coaching appointment.



Sessions scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

* * *

beatrice-bruno“I had my hour-long Bestselling Author Coaching appointment with Mark and have been flying high ever since! Mark was on point, concise and very helpful in helping me. I would advise anyone to do the one-hour Bestselling Author Coaching call. From the questionnaire alone that I got in advance, Mark was able to guide me into some areas I had not even considered. I look forward to hiring Mark as a coach for a long-term program and being one of his superstar success stories!”

Beatrice Bruno
The Drill Sergeant of Life

* * *

This isn’t going to be a “fluff” or “sales” call. I’ll do everything I can to help you write, publish, and/or promote your book as your Bestselling Author Coach™. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the all of the Reviews and Testimonials About Mark Malatesta here, and the 100% NO-RISK GUARANTEE below. Reserve your spot for a Bestselling Author Coaching™ session. Scroll back up and press the “Add to Cart” button now.

And remember…

Getting published isn’t luck,
it’s a decision.

Mark Malatesta

The Bestselling Author Coach™

P.S. Question about this Bestselling Author Coaching™ session? Send me a confidential email using the form below (underneath my introductory coaching call guarantee).

* * *

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee for Savvy, Nervous, and/or Skeptical Writers

I’ve heard countless stories about authors who’ve been scammed. I was fooled myself, as a college student (embarrassing, but true). I submitted some of my love poems to a contest that I later learned was designed not for the poets, but to make money for the organizers. The poets were sent deceptive letters, making them more likely to spend money on the useless anthologies that they were being published in (with THOUSANDS of other naive poets).

That’s just one of the many reasons I have a detailed article on this site warning authors about bad literary agents and writing scams. That’s ALSO why I take pride in guaranteeing your satisfaction 100%. If you, for ANY reason, don’t feel that your call was worth your investment, I’ll refund it instantly. That way you literally have NO RISK and NO REASON to let this Bestselling Author Coaching™ offer pass you by.

* * *


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Coaching Success Stories

Disclaimer: Most of the success stories listed below were provided by authors who worked more with Mark in a longer-term coaching program after their initial coaching call.

Photo of Nathaniel Lande“Mark, finding you has been both a treat and a treasure—I just signed a contract with my new literary agent! My career has spanned publishing, TV, and feature film. I’ve served as Creative Dir. for the Magazine Group, TIME Inc.; Dir. of Time World News Service, a Founding Dir. of TIME-Life Films; Exec. Prod. for both the CBS and NBC TV Networks; Prod./Dir.: Movies of the Week: CBS Cinema Center Films and Universal MCA. Photo of The 10 Best of Everything In today’s publishing marketplace, agents come and go. They also very often seem to just want an easy pathway to make a buck. Many authors are let go by their agents because their last book didn’t do well enough and the agent doesn’t want to devote the time to help the author. That’s not what you’re about Mark. Even established authors need this type of support in today’s marketplace."

Nathaniel Lande
Author of ten fiction and nonfiction books

* * *

Photo of Amy Jo Goddard “I’m psyched to have this be official. After getting five different offers for representation from top literary agents, I signed with Stephanie Tade who got me a 6-figure book deal with Penguin! Photo of Woman on Fire Getting multiple agents interested in my work was really important to me. I’ve dealt with agents before and gotten screwed on things contractually so I wanted to do it differently this time. I wanted choices. Having you help me create that, and navigate my options, was really helpful. I heard other authors talk about their great relationships with their agents and it made me want the same thing. Now I have that."

Amy Jo Goddard
Author of Woman on Fire (Penguin Books)

* * *

Photo of Daniel Cohen “After sending out the query Mark revised for me, I had the opportunity to speak with literary agents from top agencies such as Janklow & Nesbit, Trident Media, Anderson Lit, and Folio. I signed with Don Fehr at Trident and, a short time later I had a publishing contract with Berkley Books, which recently published my book in hardcover. Before that, I sent my query letter out on my own to 30 or 40 agents and got a lot of rejections. I then found Mark online while I was researching agents. I was surprised that he offered so much during his initial consultation—for a very modest amount of money. Photo of Single Handed I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t worked with Mark. I can’t even imagine that now though, because of the grief and detours I experienced before we worked together. It was a time-consuming pain in the neck. If you want to get the attention of top literary agents and publishers, there is no substitute for working with an insider. You can’t beat experience. And having Mark on your side is incredibly valuable."

Daniel Cohen
Author of Single Handed (Berkley Books, a Division of Penguin Random House)

* * *

Photo of Miri Leshem-Pelley “AHHH! OMG, it happened! I got three offers of representation for my children’s picture book in the United States, even though I live abroad! When I woke up and found the first offer for representation in my email in box, I wanted to scream. But my family was still asleep so I couldn’t. 🙂 Photo of Lon-Lon's Big Night Just 8 minutes after I sent a query letter to one of my favorite agents, she replied and asked to see my manuscript. A short time later we had a lovely conversation. She was interested in representing me and sounded very positive and enthusiastic about my book. Since I also got offers from two other agents, I had to turn two of them down. One of them was upset and it felt like I was breaking her heart, but you just have to do it. I kept reminding myself that this is a good problem to have!"

Miri Leshem-Pelley
Author/Illustrator of Lon-Lon’s Big Night and many other children’s books

* * *

Photo of Dave Hamme “Mark, after you helped me land a top literary agent, I got publishing offers from THREE well-known publishers: Amacom, Palgrave Macmillan, and McGraw-Hill (they’re publishing my book in hardcover)! I was at Disneyworld with my family, in the Haunted Mansion, when I got the call. I went outside and listened to the voicemail message from my agent. A huge smile came over my face. It was a fantastic feeling. For a moment I felt like life was perfect and the angels were singing. Photo of Customer Focused Process Innovation You’re filling an important need so I’ll say this to every other author reading this testimonial. Mark showed me that getting a top literary agent is a science. If you’ve written a book, or you’re in the process, you’ve already invested a lot—a lot more than money. Don’t stop yourself from getting out there to fulfill your purpose and dreams. Thank you so, so much, Mark!!!"

Dave Hamme
Author of Customer Focused Process Innovation (McGraw Hill)

* * *

Photo of Erika Armstrong “I got a book deal! After I started sending out my new query letter I had 6 literary agents request my manuscript in a short amount of time, which is awesome. Then, within 2 weeks of my agent starting to pitch my story to publishers, we had an offer. I signed a book contract yesterday. A little while later my agent told me that a TV co-producer asked for more info about my book. Photo of A Chick in the Cockpit By the way, the acquiring editor that fell in love with the manuscript jumped in with both feet and we just worked out our timeline for publication. She’s as passionate about getting my book out as I am, and that means everything. She read the manuscript in two days and said she couldn’t put it down. And the book is going to be published as a hardcover!"

Erika Armstrong
Author of A Chick in the Cockpit (Behler Publications)

* * *

Photo of Michael Thompson “Thank you Mark! After you helped me get a well-known agent with Hartline Literary Agency (for my previously self-published murder mystery), he got me a deal with an American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) approved publisher. I’m hard-pressed to find anything that I had an expectation for that you didn’t deliver on. Photo of The RectorBefore I worked with you I sent out queries, but no one ever requested my complete manuscript. Comparing your new version of my query to the one I wrote before, I can see a vast difference. I’ve been in business for 35 years so I’m not just saying this… what you’re doing is phenomenal. There are other people offering similar services, but the difference is your success. Others might say they do similar things but, if you research them, they don’t have your background or track record."

Michael Thompson
Author of The Rector

* * *

Photo of Ruth Finnegan “Mark, you’re a miracle worker. Thanks to your help with my book, query letter, and synopsis… I now have a legitimate publisher who described my book as ‘Powerful Magic’ and it’s now available in bookstores and online! Photo of The Black Inked Pearl I’m a lifelong academic writer who one day found myself writing inspired short stories that came to me in dreams and I began thinking of them as novels. That’s when I had a momentous conversation, an introductory coaching call with Mark Malatesta, the American creative writing coach, or rather, to be precise, a how-to-sell-yourself-and-your-work adviser. It was the best-spent money of my life apart (possibly) for my wedding ring."

Professor Ruth Finnegan FBA
Author of The Black Inked Pearl

* * *

Photo of Lakshmi Subramani “Within 4 minutes of sending out my query letter, a top literary called me on the phone (the #1 agent on my wish list). Less than 30 days later I had three major publishers making offers. A few days after that, I signed a deal with Random House. Mark, your query letter did that. Photo of Lights OutMy agent talked about the query letter you helped me create for a long, long time. When he first called me on the phone, he hadn’t seen any of my sample chapters. It was just the query letter that did it. Communicating the right thing is so important. You are a wonderful medium helping authors find their voice and elevate their writing from just a hobby to a real business… a source from which they can both learn and earn."

Lakshmi Subramani
Author of Lights Out (Random House) Bangalore, India

* * *

Photo of Mardell Hill “MARK, MARK, MARK!!!!!!! Holy smokes… I just signed my book deal. First, two well-known literary agents asked to represent me. One of them responded to my query letter in less than 4 minutes!! Photo of Intestinal HealthThen THREE different publishers wanted my book and started talking about making offers. The publisher I chose is perfect for me because they produce titles for the trade, educational, and scientific markets. And they agreed to publish my book as a hardcover!!! When I met you, Mark, it was a pivotal time. I was under the belief that I could self-publish my book with a vanity press and then seek a publisher. I didn’t know what a literary agent was, why I needed one, or how to get one. I was wandering in the dark. You guided me in the right direction and gave me a solid plan."

Mardell Hill
Author of Intestinal Health (Rowman & Littlefield)

* * *

Photo of Scott LeRette “Boom!!! I just signed a contract with Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins for (what I’ve been told by several people) is a very large advance for a first-time author. Before working with Mark I submitted my book to agents but didn’t get any interest. This time around I got a top NY literary agency (Fine Print Lit). What cloud is higher than 9? Photo of The Unbreakable Boy I had several agencies interested before deciding to go with Fine Print. And, to be honest, all of the attention didn’t surprise me. The query letter and proposal that Mark helped me develop were incredible. Agents actually said things to me like: ‘Scott, I read your proposal and I’m just blown away by it!' Mark is extremely talented at what he does. If you have the opportunity to work with him, take advantage of it."

Scott LeRette
Author of The Unbreakable Boy (Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson)
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