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Memoir & Narrative Nonfiction Author Reviews of Mark Malatesta

Scroll below to see Reviews About Mark Malatesta provided by nonfiction authors who worked 1-on-1 with Mark as an author coach to secure book deals with publishers such as Berkley Books, Penguin Books, Random House, etc. Former Literary Agent Mark Malatesta is founder and president of The Bestselling Author and Literary Agent Undercover. He works with authors of all genres (fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books), primarily to help them improve their writing projects and pitch materials to get the attention of top literary agents.


Reviews of Mark Malatesta by Narrative Nonfiction & Memoir Authors

Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction Author Reviews of Mark Malatesta.

– Erika Armstrong
Mark Malatesta Review

Two weeks after you helped me get representation, my agent starting pitching my story to publishers and we had an offer. I signed a book contract yesterday. A little while later my agent told me that a TV co-producer asked for more info about my book! If it weren’t for you I’d still be floundering, sending out queries.” [click here to see Erika’s complete review]

A Chick in the Cockpit Book Cover

Erika Armstrong

Author of the memoir A Chick in the Cockpit (Behler Publications)

– Michael Sanicola
Mark Malatesta Review

YAHOO! Adrienne Rosado with Stonesong Literary just offered to represent me. Within an hour of sending her my query, she said my book was precisely the kind of project she’s been looking for. She said my book proposal was exceptional—very powerful. Your coaching is excellent, everything unfolded perfectly. My heart is now rejoicing because the hope of securing a top agent was realized. It’s nuts, finally being at this point. So many people in our lives have been rooting for us for decades. Literally, decades. This is fun, you’re awesome. Thank you so much!!!” [click this link to see Michael’s full review]

Michael Sanicola

Author of the memoir The Pot Preacher

– Gwyneth Montenegro
Mark Malatesta Reviews

“OMG!!! I just got an offer from The Bent Agency!! You were right when you told me, “Hang in there. The one who deserves you will eventually turn up.” I’m absolutely humbled. Thank you so much for helping me realize my dreams. The whole experience of sending things out to agents is often rather demeaning and totally demoralizing! There were times I thought, “Sh-t. I’m never going to get an agent!” It would not have happened without you.” [click this link to see Gwyneth’s full review]

Gwyneth Montenegro

Author of the memoir 10,000 Men Too Many

– Janice Ellis, Ph.D.
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

“I don’t think authors have a clue what it takes to get an agent or publisher. It’s not easy. When I listened to the voicemail I got from Peter Miller offering me representation, in all candor, I was blown away. I sat in my chair for about an hour in disbelief. If I hadn’t have worked with you, Mark, I don’t think I would have gotten an agent this quickly. The proposal we created for agents did much of their work for them. We gave them something they could just hand to publishers. Thank you so much, working with you has been wonderful![click this link to see Janice’s full review]

Book Cover for From Liberty to Magnolia

Janice Ellis, Ph.D.

Author of the memoir From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream

– C.D. Peterson
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

Mark is a guy you can pay to talk to, a dynamo full of ideas and energy, and his advice is sound. Bob Hope had a famous line, ‘Except for my USO tours, I will never perform in front of an audience for nothing, because they don’t appreciate it.’ He had a basis to say something like that. It’s true. You were very helpful, Mark, I want you to know that. You’ve got great reviews and it’s obvious you love what you do. It’s all over you. I remember looking at you having a picture taken with an author, thinking, ‘I’d like to do that. I want that experience.’ Thank you for everything, and I appreciate your continued interest in my success.[click this link to see C.D.’s full review]

Book Cover for Home Front by C.D. Peterson

Cover image for Staying in Demand by C.D. Peterson

Book Cover for On Your Own by C.D. Peterson

C.D. Peterson

Author of many books including Home Front: A Memoir from WWII (available in print, as an eBook, and on Audible) as well as How to Leave Your Job and Buy a Business of Your Own (McGraw-Hill), How to Sell Your Business (McGraw-Hill), Business Brokerage (McGraw-Hill), Staying in Demand (McGraw-Hill), and On Your Own (McGraw-Hill)

– Z Zoccolante
Mark Malatesta Reviews

“When I saw the query letter Mark wrote for me, all I could say was ‘WOW!’ It was an awesome version of the stuff I’d always wanted to say but didn’t know how. Now I have signed a contract for literary representation. If you’re a serious author, don’t sit around for years not doing something about it. Invest in yourself. In the long run when you get published, or when your book becomes a bestseller, the investment you made will seem small. In the end it’s just money, but writing is your passion!” [click now to see Z’s entire review]

Z Zoccolante

Author of the memoir The Twisting War and Author/Director of Contain the Cry, a short film about eating disorders

– Melissa Burch
Mark Malatesta Reviews

“Mark helped me get nearly a dozen literary agents to ask for sample chapters or my complete manuscript. He also helped coordinate everything so I was able to get different agents on the phone to figure out which one would do the best job for me. I then signed with Susan Schulman in New York City and now my book is in bookstores!” [click this link to see Melissa’s full review]

My Journey Through War and Peace Book Cover

Melissa Burch

Author of the memoir My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist & Spiritual Seeker (Garn Press)

– Daniel Cohen
Mark Malatesta Reviews

“Berkley Books recently published my book in hardcover after Mark helped me get multiple agents interested in my work. I was able to speak with literary agents from top agencies such as Janklow & Nesbit, Trident Media, Anderson Lit, and Folio. I signed with Don Fehr at Trident Media and a short time later I had a publishing contract! Having Mark on your side is incredibly valuable.” [click now to see Daniel’s entire review]

Single Handed Book Cover

Daniel Cohen

Author of the narrative nonfiction book Single Handed (Penguin Random House/Berkley Books)

– Lisa Kate David
Mark Malatesta Review

“I just signed with the literary agent I wanted to work with the most, Steve Ross. He’s the former President & Group Publisher for HarperCollins, and he’s the former Sr. VP and Publisher for Random House’s Crown Division. I’ve loved having you as an advocate I trust to run things by, someone in my corner who purely has had me and my story’s best interest at heart, without an alternate agenda.” [click here to see Lisa’s complete review]

Lisa Kate David

Author of the memoir Dating in L.A. with No Nipples

– Crystal Duffy
Mark Malatesta Review

“I just signed with the Donald Maass Agency! Mark, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your support, guidance, and faith in me. I was so surprised and shocked when my agent called me on the phone and told me the news. She’s a great agent, a top agent, and I’m very lucky. Everything came together so beautifully. Thank you so much!!!” [click this link to see Crystal’s full review]

Book cover for Twin to Twin by Crystal Duffy

Crystal Duffy

Author of the memoir Twin to Twin by Mango (one of the fastest-growing independent publishers in the United States)

– ‘Deji Ayoade
Mark Malatesta Review

“I just signed with Folio Literary, and I’m working with both Frank Weimann and Jeff Kleinman. If you’re not privileged or famous, big shot agents aren’t going to jump at you unless you give them a good reason. That’s why every author should invest in an introductory coaching call with Mark. I could have tried to do it on my own, but I wanted Mark’s help to add the missing parts and smooth the rough edges. If an author does that, there are more reasons to believe everything will turn out positively. It can happen slowly, or quickly, or it might never happen. The process can also be intimidating, but, if you do the work, the process can work.” [click this link to see ‘Deji’s entire review]

‘Deji Ayoade

Author of the memoir Underground

– Pegge Winslow
Mark Malatesta Review

“I’ll be 83 years old in October, I’ve never written a book before, and I’ve never taken a class in writing. But, I learned so much from you, Mark, in such a short time. You showed me what to do and said, ‘Now you’re getting the hang of it.’ You were a beacon to follow. Then, while I was cleaning out my kitty pan one day in December, the phone rang and Joseph Vallely from Swagger Literary wanted to represent me. I cannot repeat it often enough, Mark, this wouldn’t have happened without you.” [click this link to see Pegge’s full review]

Pegge Winslow

Author of The Winking Dog

– Lakshmi Subramani
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

I got the number one agent on my wish list thanks to Mark. He’s done more than 100 deals in just two year and has a long list of accolades, including being talked about in the New York Times. Within 4 minutes of sending out my revised query letter, my literary agent called me on the phone. Less than 30 days later I had three major publishers making offers. And, a few days after that, I signed a deal with Random House. Mark’s query letter did that.” [click here to see Lakshmi’s complete review]

Lights Out Book Cover

Lakshmi Subramani

Author of the memoir Lights Out (Random House)

– Cynthia Nooney
Mark Malatesta Reviews

“I wouldn’t be here without Mark! He helped me get two offers for representation and I ended up signing with the agent who represents Cindy Williams, the TV star from Laverne and Shirley. I’m happy to tell other authors to put themselves out there and follow Mark’s advice. It’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s real, quantifiable, and truly helpful. What Mark says is what he does, and he really delivers. Actually, he over delivers. Everything is really well thought out!” [click here to see Cynthia’s entire review]

Cynthia Nooney

Author of the memoir Nearly Normal

– Richard Motta
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

Yes, yes, yes! I have an agent. She even asked if I would write a screenplay for my book because she thinks I am the only one who can do it justice! If someone is well known, like a movie star or big general or this or that, they can write a trashy book and publishers will print it. But if you’re someone like me, you need to do something to get recognized! I feel very proud of my book, and what I’ve accomplished getting an agent. I’m happy I found you, Mark. Thank you!” [click this link to see Richard’s full review]

Richard Motta

Author of the memoir Switching Sides

– Elaine Holt M.D.
Mark Malatesta Review

Although I didn’t get an agent right away, Mark helped me get half a dozen requests for my book and I finally signed with an agent. I tried before on my own but every literary agency that I contacted ultimately declined representation. Agents gave as a reason the need for a better book proposal and a larger platform. If you think you’ll regret not doing everything you could to launch your project, reach out to Mark and see if he’s a good fit for you.” [click this link to see Elaine’s full review]

Elaine Holt, M.D.

Author of the memoir The Doctor Next Door

– Sandy Gingras
Mark Malatesta Review

When I started sending out the query you wrote for me, I had several agents interested all at once. That made me very, very, very nervous. When I first started my business, somebody told me, ‘You can base your business decisions on money or relationships. Always go with relationships.’ Because of that advice, I’ve never taken a wrong step. And that’s why the greatest gift of our work together, to me, has been our relationship. You’re a good teacher who’s smart and experienced, but you’re also generous and your heart is big. You launch people and their dreams, and you teach them how to fly. I’m happy to be one of your winged clients.” [click this link to see Sandy’s full review]

Book Cover for I Love You Because by Sandy Gingras

Book Cover for Walks on the Beach by Sandy Gingras

Book Cover for I Believe in You by Sandy Gingras

Book Cover for How to Live by Sandy Gingras

Sandy Gingras

Author of the memoir How to Grow Wings and many gift books (more than 1,000,000 books sold) by publishers such as Andrews McMeel

– Laureen Diephof
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

I just turned 81 years old and feel fabulous. As long as you’re relatively healthy, you can do anything. When a publisher said my book would make a great addition to his list, I immediately told my kids, grandkids, and cousin. Even though I’m a journalist and I’ve reviewed other people’s books, summarizing your own work isn’t the same. It’s hard to be objective. Working with you is like taking a class to learn the language of publishing. You need a teacher to become fluent. I appreciate all your help. Bless YOU![click this link to see Laureen’s full review]

Laureen Diephof

Author of the memoir Walking Over the Earth

– Janis Pryor
Review of Mark Malatesta

“I’m in shock. I have an agent! Karen Canton with Canton Literary Management. Timing and a great query letter are everything. Making a decision to work with someone like Mark is sort of a come to Jesus moment. How badly do you want to get published, and why? Are you really committed? If the answer is yes, then you should do it. Talk to the man.” [click now to see Janis’s entire review]

Book Cover for Author of White Roses by Janis Pryor

Janis Pryor

Author of White Roses (JM Media Group)

– J.R. Eason
Mark Malatesta Reviews

I’m tickled. A lot of people only do things for the money and they don’t do what they say. Mark helped me see my dream become a reality. Together we got requests from agents and publishers for my book, and I now have a copy of my published book in my hands. Before working with Mark I didn’t hear back from anyone. Mark knew just what I needed and he’s very easy to work with, comfortable to talk to, and professional. I wasn’t intimidated or hesitant to ask him anything.” [click this link to see J.R. Eason’s full review]

Through the Back Porch Door Book Cover

J.R. Eason

Acclaimed Artist and Author of the memoir Through the Back Porch Door (Black Rose Writing)

– Maija Harrington
Reviews of Mark Malatesta

“Egads, Mark’s advice really works! During the two-year period before I worked with him, I made submissions to agents and got nothing but rejection letters—not a single nibble. After Mark helped me with my manuscript, book proposal, and query letter I signed a contract with the Marianne Strong Literary Agency. My agent said my book proposal is great. I’m having trouble believing this is real!” [click this link to see Maija’s full review]

Maija Harrington

Author of the memoir Funny Tails

– Alesandra Rain
Mark Malatesta Review

I immediately understood why my original versions of my query and book proposal weren’t successful when Mark helped me flesh them out. Now I have a top agent, Marianne Strong, who loved my story so much that she invited me to fly NYC to meet everyone at her agency! As writers we spend most of our time and energy writing our book, so there’s a giant letdown when we have to get it to market. It’s exhausting. That’s where Mark comes in. If I hadn’t worked with him, my project would have died.” [click this link to see Alesandra’s entire review]

Alesandra Rain

Author of the memoir Point of Return

– Ernest DeZolt
Mark Malatesta Review

Well, it finally happened—my book is being published! I’m very disciplined, very precise and all that. But, without Mark, there would have been no chance my ideas would have become a published book. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. I want to thank you for that, Mark. Hopefully, I already have, many times. I’m a bright guy and I pay attention, but I had no idea what I didn’t know. I could have never navigated this without you. Never. I appreciate everything you’ve brought to my book. Getting it published is one of the highlights of my life. Thank you.” [click this link to see Ernest’s entire review]

Ernest DeZolt

Author of the memoir An Inheritance of Promise

– Dorothy Preston
Mark Malatesta Review

“When an agent sent me an email offering to represent me, I wanted to jump for joy. But I didn’t allow myself to get too excited until you called me. At the time the offer came in, there were three other agents looking at my book. You told me how to follow up with them to get them responding quickly, since I didn’t want to make the first agent wait too long. I appreciate all your time. I appreciate you. And I’ve started recommending you to other writers.” [click this link to see Dorothy’s full review]

Dorothy Preston

Author of the memoir The Preston Manor

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