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Christian Author Reviews of Mark Malatesta

Scroll below to see Mark Malatesta Reviews provided by Christian book authors who worked 1-on-1 with Mark as an author coach to secure book deals with publishers such as Thomas Nelson. Mark Malatesta is a former literary agent and founder and president of The Bestselling Author and Literary Agent Undercover. He works with authors of all genres (fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books), primarily to help them improve their writing projects and pitch materials to get the attention of top literary agents.


Reviews of Mark Malatesta by Christian Authors

Christian Author Reviews of Mark Malatesta.

– Molly Huffman
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

I just had a call with Jim Hart and his mother Joyce with Hartline Literary Agency, one of the most established and successful literary agencies serving Christian writers and readers, and they offered me representation! YAY!!! I am SO grateful for you and your help. Jim was very pleased with my proposal. He said it was excellent. He was like, ‘Proposals should be like Goldilocks. Not too short, not too long. Just right. And yours was perfect!’” [click this link to see the complete review]

Molly Huffman

Author of the Christian memoir God's Favor

– Michael Thompson
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

Before I worked with Mark, I sent out queries but no one ever asked to read my complete manuscript. Mark helped me get a well-known agent with Hartline Literary Agency, who then got me a publishing contract with an American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) approved publisher. I’m hard-pressed to find anything that I had an expectation for that Mark didn’t deliver on. Now I’m sending him referrals!!!” [click this link to see Michael’s full review]

The Rector Book Cover

Michael Thompson

Author of the Christian novel The Rector

– Barbara Symons
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

“Mark did a great job with my query. A top literary agency in New York just requested my book. Hands clapping wildly!!! Before I found Mark, I had no idea what to put in my query. I was clueless. Mark took it and ran with it, and he helped me add vital things to my book proposal. Mark is trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve always enjoyed our phone calls and he is always willing to put in the time. I appreciate that because I wasn’t expecting that level of care and personal attention.” [click this link to see Barbara’s full review]

Escaping Christianity Book Cover

Barbara Symons

Minister, Speaker & Author of the religion and spirituality book Escaping Christianity: Finding Christ

– Scott LeRette
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

Before I decided to work with Mark, I submitted my book to literary agents but didn’t get any interest. After I revised my query letter and book proposal, I got several agencies interested and decided to sign with Fine Print Lit, a top literary agency in New York. They got publishers bidding against each other and I ended up signing a contract with Thomas Nelson (an imprint of Harper Collins) for what I’ve been told by several people is a very large advance. What cloud is higher than 9?” [click here to see the complete review]

The Unbreakable Boy Book Cover

Scott LeRette

Author of the memoir The Unbreakable Boy (Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins)

– Annie Farris
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

When I got a letter from Bruce Barbour, one of the most successful Christian agents, saying my proposal was one of the best he’s ever seen, I was floored. It was silly though because I’d worked very hard, with your help, but I was still in disbelief. It can be a lonely job, trying to get an agent and get a book published. I could tell from our first phone call, there was nothing arrogant about you. It wasn’t, ‘Well, aren’t you lucky to be working with me? Send over the bucks and I’ll consider you.’ I appreciate that most of all.” [click this link to see the complete review]

Annie Farris

Author of the Christian memoir That One Person

– Melinda Cerisano
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

When the first call came in from an agent I felt the uncomfortable feeling that I might be unprepared! I wasn’t expecting things to happen so fast, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the chance to choose my favorite agent!! I still can’t believe it!! I got more than a dozen requests for more material and SEVERAL OFFERS FOR REPRESENTATION. ABSOLUTELY DROP-DEAD AWESOME!” [click here for Melinda’s entire success story]

Heaven Is for Animals Too Book Cover

Melinda Cerisano

Author of the Christian nonfiction book Heaven Is for Animals Too

– Karen Sargent
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

“When I found Mark’s website, I was floundering. Publishing was an unknown world to me, but I felt that Mark would guide everything in the right direction. I wanted to have someone who knew the industry, and I knew that I could have confidence in him. I was thrilled when our work together led to a publisher making an offer on my book! Mark never led me anywhere or told me anything that didn’t turn out to be exactly what it should have been, or what he said it would be.” [click this link to see Karen’s complete review]

Waiting for Butterflies by Karen Sargent

Karen Sargent

Author of the Christian novel Waiting for Butterflies (Amphorae / Walrus Publishing)

– Joel Townsend
Christian Author Review of Mark Malatesta

“You have about 8 seconds — and sometimes just the subject line — to get the attention of literary agents. Working with Mark is an opportunity to be sure about what’s working, and see what needs to improve. If I hadn’t worked with Mark, I would have quit a year ago. That’s just a fact. Now I have an agent with Hartline Literary Agency!” [click this link to see the full review]

Joel Townsend

Author of the upcoming Christian nonfiction book Christian Mindfulness

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The reviews listed above by Christian book authors are only some of the reviews about Mark Malatesta on this website. To see additional comments and reviews about Mark’s websites, author newsletter, articles, training, speaking, events, etc. click here to view General Reviews About Mark Malatesta. Also, if you want 1-on-1 support to help you get your Christian book published with a publisher like Thomas Nelson, click here to access all of the Free Resources on our websites for authors. And click here to find out how you can Schedule an Introductory Coaching Call with Mark Malatesta, Author Coach.

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